What makes us different?

We aim for quality-care, concentrating at what we’re good at.

Just like your pet and you, we don’t like full waiting-rooms and having to hurry all the time. We prefer to be able to give every veterinary problem the right amount of time. For that reason, we work by appointment only. We don’t believe practices or animal hospitals that say that they have an in-house solutions for every problem. The field of veterinary medicine has become so large that it has become impossible to have all veterinary possibilities under one roof; just like in human medicine.

When your pet needs a specialist, we find one for you.

During our long history as a practice, we have always tried to keep up a network of practices, vet-labs and specialists throughout the region to refer our patients to as the need arises. Everything we do at our practice we do well because we have a lot of routine doing it. To solve problems that need a specialist we know exactly where to refer you to get the best treatment possible. Especially in the fields ultrasound, cardiology, orthopedics and ophtalmology we often refer patients. In order to be referred, your pet first needs to be examined by one of our vets.

We try to stay aware of the total cost involved.

Ever since the internet has become available, it is easy to compare the pricelists of veterinary practices. One mistake that a lot of people make however, is to look only at the rates that are easy to compare, eg. vaccinations consultations, spays and castrations. For that reason, the pricefighters among vets keep these advertised rates low, but charge a lot more for work that is not directly visible on their website-pricelist. We don’t do this, but try to determine our rates on a basis of time, materials and overhead . Even so, we think that our advertised rates are also very reasonable.

Our pricelist


No-nonsense therapy…

We always try to keep the route from consultation to investigation to therapy as short and logical as possible. Only vets with a lot of experience know how to do this and for that reason we only work with experienced vets.

Not too many drugs…

When we were compared in a survey to other practices it was shown that we prescribe fewer medicines than other vets. We always try to select those drugs that have a proven therapeutic effect.


And knowing when to change course…

All the vets working at our practice are very experienced. For this reason, we can usually estimate the chance of succes for a certain therapy in advance. When we see that a therapy doesn’t work, we will always confer with you timely in order to switch to a different plan.

Knowing when to stop: quality of life comes first.

Just like in human medicine, the technical possibilities in veterinary medicine are expanding quickly. This makes it more difficult to choose between various treatment options . Sometimes it can also be better not to treat an animal at all. Our guideline in this decision-making is that the quality of life must come first. Together with the owner of the we try to decide what’s best, and almost always the owner has the final say.

For all the reasons stated above, our total cost of treatment is often lower than elsewhere.