The animal clinic at the Kralingseweg 343 in Rotterdam is one of the older and more wellknown practices of the region. Originally located along the border of the Hollandse IJssel in the basement of a historical residence dating from before 1900 it was run by the vet husband-and-wife couple Mr. and Mrs. Beuvery in the sixties an d seventies. In 1983 the practice was taken over by W.J.P.Coops who moved the practice to more modern premises at the van Maerlantpark 21. Joined in 1986 by J.F.Alberdingk Thijm they worked together at this location until 1998.

During this period branches were started at the expanding neighbourhoods of Capelle-Oostgaarde (Paasberg) and Capelle-Schollevaar (F.Burgwal). In 1999 the whole practice was taken over by J.F.Alberdingk Thijm who moved the main practice to its current location at the Kralingseweg 343. During all these years, many assistents and vets worked in the practice. In the beginning most of the vets were male, but during the nineties a shift towards a more dominantly female staff became visible. Just like the cows, horses and sheep that dissapeared from the landscape, male vets also became a rarity. As was the case in the rest of Holland, the practice has now become predominantly female.

Practice in the ’60 and ’70-ies
1983 – 1998