Pricelist (all prices are in euro’s)

Dierenkliniek-Kralingseweg-behandelingen-huisdier-tarieven-kortingNot all of our prices are stated here. Please feel free to call us for specified estimates or prices that are not mentioned below. Surgical fees always include free aftercare, but are exclusive of collars and/or painkillers.


Treatment Price
Health-check incl. vaccination dog and cat from € 58,00
Chipping (as an extra)
(chips are obligatory in the Netherlands)
€ 33,00
Cat spay
€ 181,00
Bitch spay
from € 350,00
Castration tomcat € 87,50
Castration male dog € 265,00
Postoperative painkillers are not included in the fees.


Please note:

We give large discounts on vaccinations of multiple animals:

2nd animal: € 5,- discount
3rd and further 50% discount

Customer loyalty card

We think it’s important that you have your pet checked and vaccinated at least once a year. Also, we think it is important that their teeth are cleaned whenever necessary. To motivate our clients to do so, we have introduced our customer loyalty card, that you receive when your dog our cat is vaccinated. The discount-system is very simple. When your pet is vaccinated you earn the right to have the following discounts for a full year:

normal consultation € 5,-
consultation outside opening hours € 10,-
dental scaling € 20,-



During the past year we have seen that a lot of our clients have earned their vaccination-costs back through these discounts.